My friends take great pleasure in teasing me about my role in promoting our firm through public speaking, TV and radio interviews and so on ... hence calling me 'Famous Pete Wood Security'.

I speak at international cyber security conferences and specialist groups, provide commentary on security issues for television and radio, and once upon a time I appeared in the BBC1 documentaries " ID Fraud: They Stole My Life" and "ID Fraud: Outnumbered" with my partner Didi Barnes.

As Chief Executive Officer at First Base Technologies, I specialise in threat and risk analysis (TARA) and threat-based penetration testing projects. I also chair our information security user group at and our Operational Technology and IoT security group, OTIS.

For more information on my role as a presenter and commentator on ethical hacking and cyber threats, e-mail me: peterw[at]

In my spare time I compose electronic dance music, drive as fast as possible around Goodwood motor circuit and walk our retired greyhounds, Max and Jodie.

Who is this Pete Wood bloke anyway?

Name: Peter Wood

Location: UK

Occupation: Ethical Hacker, cyber security consultant, CEO

Employer: First Base Technologies LLP

Hobbies: Music, cars and electronics